Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Sweet Life

Well, well, has been a full year since my last blog post. As much as I enjoy posting an ongoing virtual scrapbook of our lives, it was time for a little break. This past year has been full of many changes, big and small, as each year tends to be. At times, it felt as though we were hurtling through life at a million miles an hour, barely holding onto each other's grasp, in fear of losing someone or something to the strength of the world's centrifugal force. Nothing horrible happening, nothing super-amazing either; just the craziness of life in this busy world of ours. It was overwhelming at times. Many times. It was necessary for something to change. Just to make life a little sweeter. To get our focus rightly affixed. To establish clear goals. To extinguish circumstances which zapped our energies. To live life on purpose.

It was time to push the family reset button.

Let me be clear here: the family reset button is not quite as quick to reset as those tiny little dots found on many electronic gadgets these days. First off, believe it or not, it is even harder to find than those sunken little black holes. Many things "look" like the reset button, but they end up only being hooked up to part of the family system. Then one must look for the disconnect to find the next circuit seemingly connected to the whole. Which, as you may have guessed, ends up only being partially connected as well.

So one by one, little changes here and there were made, as well as little and bigger changes occurring naturally at the same time in the family flux system. To say "we have arrived" would be a show of great over confidence. We have learned many things over the past year. To have become more comfortable in our evolving as individuals and a family is exhilarating yet scary at the same time. What does it mean for the future? We will never know. Not today for tomorrow, as we have learned to plan on nothing, for committing our lives into God's hand means following His will for us one day at a time, under His plan, not ours. While hard to give up that control, it is amazing freedom as well. And yes, it is true. As we have seen time and time again over our last 19 years of being a family, God's plan is always best. ALWAYS.

So that's where we are today. Trying our best to live life on purpose each and every day. We started with our family. Focusing on God's truth and promises, learning the things He wants us to know through His word. We are learning how to live that out in the world we find ourselves living in. How to "live in this world but not be of it" is a very very tricky thing. We are working on it. And each improvement has been a good move. And we continue with our learning. And making changes. Moving closer and closer to the family God has planned us to be from the beginning of time. It's challenging. It takes effort and work. But it is lovely. And it is sweet.