Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation Girls

Our two lovely older daughters had a special night tonight. So special that Grandma and Grandpa even brought them both flowers. And Grandma and Lyle drove all the way up from the farm to help them celebrate in the middle of the week. And Mommy and Daddy were so very proud. Why? It was Graduation Night! Tonight was the annual 4th Grade Farewell at the elementary school. Melissa has been at this school for 7 years now, and it is time to move on. We love this school and all it has done for our kids, and especially for Melissa. The people we have come across have been instrumental in Melissa's overall success. From OT consults and classroom adaptations to Speech Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education, Melissa has blossomed over the years.Not knowing precisely what we will be doing next year for Melissa's schooling options, we do know that we will miss Bayview greatly for her.
Melissa's grade performed several songs and little skits for us tonight. As they stood up there on stage, now "all grown up", they retained their enthusiatic attitudes and childhood innocence that brings with it contagious smiles. It was an absolute delight to watch these kids perform for us one last time before becoming tainted by middle school concerns of next year.
The show was followed by the awarding of diplomas, refreshments in a festively decorated cafeteria, photos on the wall from previous years, and lots of hugs from teachers both past and present. Melissa was proud of her accomplishments, as well she should be. We are so very proud of her and her "can-do" attitude.Melissa's teacher this year was a perfect match for her. Mrs. K has a gift for reading these kids perfectly, and innately knowing what they need to reach their potential. She was a strong advocate for Melissa this year, obtained a laptop for classroom use, and modified things just enough for Melissa to accomplish her goals without making her feel "different" in the main classroom setting. We loved Mrs. K!

We had our own little celebration at home with Dilly Bars, and just a few little presents. As Bayview has done away with a formal Kindergarten Graduation, we took tonight to celebrate Laura's moving forward as well. She has been looking forward to this day for at least two years. Not the actual graduating part, but the fact that she finally gets....

...... a Nintendo DS. Our family tradition continues. Each kid has to wait until they graduate Kindergarten before they can get their first hand held Nintendo game system. Oh, the agony of the wait!

Instead of the typical grad ceremony, the Kindergartners had had an earlier program at the end of April. During the day. And only parents were invited. Though an entirely wonderful little program full of heartfelt singing, dancing, and movement, it could be hardly considered a graduation ceremony. In fact, I had no idea that the Parent Tea(which they have always done anyhow, by the way) was now considered a replacement for the ceremony. But at the time, I did thoroughtly enjoy watching my little girl confident on stage, singing her heart out. And my own heart melted as she poured me punch and led me to the table she had decorated for my visit. So sweet!

Laura has had a great first year of traditional schooling. She is such a social little girl, and considers everyone to be her friend. She has been kind, helpful, and accepting of all in her class. And I guess she is a chatterbox. No, really. Yes, it is true. Hard to believe, I know. Um, or maybe not such a stretch of the imagination is needed there.

I think both of the girls felt pretty special tonight, as indeed they should. We are so proud of our two little princesses. I think they are both pretty proud of themselves, too! Congratulations, Girls!

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