Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let There Be Light!

As of Saturday, the 2011 Christmas show has been up and running. Some kinks have been worked out, but for the most part, it has been a success from "go". A nice change from most years, to be sure!

Click here to view "Let There Be Light" by Point of Grace:

As each year, it was a family in which Bob does most of the work. Alex was once again instrumental in testing the lights, building a few mega trees, and organizing cords and inputs. Jonny really stepped it up this year and became Bob's protege. He is gathering ideas about the lighting concept and figuring out how it all works. He even made some independent decisions in his work which greatly helped in lighting organization. He is becoming more and more the clone of his father each day!

Bethany eagerly helped where she could, and was able to follow directions enough to be of great assistance in the area of stretching out light strings. With all the unbridled enthusiasm a two year old has to offer, her help was much appreciated at times (and at other times, not quite so much!). She loves to be a useful part of the family, being in the middle of all the action, and spending lots of time outside, even when it's freezing. And boy, is that girl smart....she'll probably be helping with programming in the next few years.

Crispy teamed up with Jonny on many projects, and helped do some cord work with Tubby. Those boys are so sweet and just so ready to do whatever is asked of them. Whenever asked. Wherever asked. No complaints. They just go and do. Amazing little (and not so little) helpers.

The girls? I'm not really sure....I believe they were helpful in the beginning of the process when things were easy and the weather was warm. Once the directions became two-step and the temps dropped below 50 degrees, they were nowhere to be found.
I didn't really do anything this year (how's that for honesty???). There is just so much to do inside with home schooling them all this year, trying to maintain at least a small semblance of order, and trucking kids around to various activities, lessons, and therapies. Oh...and feeding them. I feel like I am always feeding people. All day long. They never stop eating. And we are always out of clean dishes. *sigh* But I digress...
I am pleased that Bob is using the wreathes I made last year, as well as some lights. My main role comes in the spring during take down and organization. That is a project lasting several weeks and is crucial for things running smoothly during set-up. I must say, I think I did a smashing job this past spring, which allowed set-up to go more quickly this year. Oh! I am also musical consult at times, photographer, and videographer. OK, I feel better now....I DO matter to the show!

Bob has done another amazing job. People are always astounded when they learn that he does this all (ideas, hanging the lights, programming) himself. I really don't know how he does it....the creativity for this work is incredible to me! This year, he took two weeks off before Halloween to set up the majority of lights and to develop a quick Halloween show(I'll have to try to post something of that). He then took the week before Thanksgiving off to get the rest of the lights up, and to program the songs. Not only our songs, but tweaking three songs for his Glencoe Hospital display as well. Each song takes an entire day to program beat by beat for 200,000 lights. He plans on at least 9 hours of programming per song. We are only doing three songs this year, equalling about 12 minutes, to help improve traffic congestion in our cul-de-sac. Our neighbors have been so graciously patient and wonderful. Wonder when they are going to get sick of it and kick us out?

For more info about the show, click on the link in the right sidebar. Bob is going to try to update that more often, and we are going to work on getting a pictures and video tab up. Don't get too excited yet....that's going to take some time for him to squeeze in between his MBA homework!

For now, Let There Be Light!! May all who come to view the lights be reminded of Jesus, the true reason for this season, and may they leave with their hearts opened to that love, hope, and peace. And to God be given the glory during this beautiful Christmas season!

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