Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

(November 12)

It's a big "tooth" month going on at our house. Laura, only four and a half, has just lost her second tooth! She discovered today that it was missing....who knows when or where it has gone. All the kids have lost their first tooth at age four....but they have all been very near their fifth birthday at the time. And certainly none of them had ever lost two at that age! After the trauma of losing the first one in the middle of October (see picture to the right), this new missing tooth was no big deal to her. Her older siblings were more concerned about it when they came home from school. Melissa immediately composed a letter to the Tooth Fairy on the computer on behalf of her younger sister:
"Dear Tooth Fairy~
This is Laura saying I have lost a tooth but I do not know when or where it is. Can you give me a toy or maybe two toys for my sister and me? You rock!
P.S. My sister Melissa helped me with the typing.
Laura & Melissa"

All was well when Laura woke up the next morning with three miniature tubs of Play-Doh under her pillow. It's a good thing that fairies can read.


Pam said...

What sweet, special sisters! They are so lucky to have each other.

Alison said...

Hey, there's a story all about the missing tooth in the December issue of Highlights! It would be perfect for Laura! I'll send it to you. BTW, we have yet to lose a single tooth in our house - with an almost six year old and a four year old. What's wrong with us?