Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today there is much to be thankful for.

After a fairly restless sleep for all of us, we started our day lazily enough around 8am. We had all been worried about Daddy, and it even affected the kids. Laura was found asleep on the bathroom floor, Crispy was found in some random spot in his room, and I had had two visitors walk through my bedroom at strange times without saying a word. Usually nights are quiet at our house, without any creatures stirring. I am thankful we have a comfortable home and a safe place to sleep.

The kids had some breakfast, then went to work on their annual "Thankful" pictures to hang on the wall. It has been fun to watch the kids' pictures evolve over the years, and in the case of my oldest two, regress back to stick figures and minimal intent. Generally, they are all thankful for our family. That is good. I am thankful for my kids.

Daddy finally turned the corner last night around 2am, and things started working for him again. He was doing well enough to come home from the hospital early this afternoon! Hooray! The kids were so excited, and talked about all the big hugs they were going to give him when he arrived. Bob looked a million times better when I picked him up, and it was so good to see him back in a "normal" state. And after a quick nap, Daddy was dressed in his suit again, and headed out to work on the Christmas lights. He only made it out there about 30 minutes before he came in realizing he was too weak and unsteady to be up on that huge ladder. I was glad he made that decision, because I was thinking the exact same thoughts as I was watching him from the window. I am very thankful for my husband.

We all spent a few hours working on Christmas light projects and putting up the inside tree. Bob wanted to rest, so I took the kids down to the farm for a Thanksgiving feast with Grandma and Lyle's family. They had an enormous abundance of food, and no one went away hungry. A few of us could not even shovel in any dessert an hour later. Before eating, we stood together for prayer and thanksgiving. My kids again reiterated being thankful for family, as did I. I am also thankful we have a personal God who loves us individually so much that He provides for us our every need.

The kids had fun playing with some of the other kids there. Melissa and Jonny put on a little play for us after dinner that Melissa had been planning for days. It was a cute little Thanksgiving story about finding "family" in unusual places (and finding your eye when it accidently pops out of your head). With the turkey coma quickly setting in, the kids and I had to make our departure and long 60 minute drive in the dark country back home. To combat my sleepiness, I let Alex drive us home.....the whole way. That "exciting" drive kept me awake, no problem.

Once at home, safely in the driveway (minus the scrape up against Daddy's truck), we were all quite thankful for still being alive.

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