Friday, December 19, 2008

Final Christmas Show

The last two weeks have been filled with holiday shows, concerts, and parties for the kids. From Alex, all the way down to Crispy, each kid has been involved in some sort of production. Since all events took place in either an auditorium or gymnasium, I do not have very good pictures of anything :(

Alex had a wonderful High School Music Concert. He played baritone in Jazz Band, and trumpet in the regular Concert Band. I actually had a great seat for this more than 3 hour long concert.

Jonny had a 5th grade choir concert that featured the entire 5th grade class (more than 300 of them), and every other choir in the Middle School with no seats left for spectators. Who plans these things?

Jonny and Michael had an always lovely band concert at the Middle School. The music program is so good here, and it is always impressive to hear how well these kids can play...some of them after only 2 months of learning an instrument.

Crispy was proud to advance to Tiger Cub rank at the Cub Scout Christmas party.

Jonny had a special poetry morning which parents were invited to. In our 6 years of being at the Middle School, parents have never been invited to a thing. Perhaps the school is finally changing for the better? Jonny did a great job reciting his poem, then sharing a wonderful anthology with me he had made. This boy is so creative and a very good writer. All this over a cup of hot cider....yum!

Today was the biggest of days.....I had three holiday parties to attend with my children at two different schools(invited back to Jonny's school again!), Michael had a concert out at the Mall of America, and Melissa and Crispy ended the day with the much anticipated annual Christmas production at school. As often necessary to accomplish being in all places at once, the Grandmas were enlisted to help. Grandma C made it out to MOA, and Michael was so happy that she was there to hear him play. Grandma ? came out to play tag with me as I left kids here to attend parties, then she took the last party so that I could take a 20 minute break to eat lunch. We then all TRIED to meet at the school for the show, but with a cast of 350+ kids, seats were nowhere to be found. Parking was even tricky, and the nearest space I could find was 5 blocks away. I was worried about my asthma ridden preschooler and croup coughing toddler who have both been ill since Monday, running through the cold air, but we were so late by that point, we had no choice. We were ushered to seats on the side of the show on the floor, and if we creatively looked, we could see parts of Crispy and Melissa now and then. Grandma ? had a seat with a few saved in the bleachers, but the crowd was much too thick for me to stumble through with my group of little ones. To our surprise, 30 seconds after we sat on the floor, Grandma and Grandpa and all of our Miami cousins filed in next to us! Hooray! We were so happy to see them!
The show was good (I am sure it was better had we been able to actually see it), and the kids were all excited about performing. But I think they were even more excited about more than two weeks vacation! We headed home, and spent a lovely afternoon playing with our cousins and visiting. We then enjoyed the glorious light show in our cul-de-sac before heading over to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. Our party of 14 took the little space by storm, but we managed to have a wonderful meal anyhow split across the room from each other. Afterwards, we said our good-byes, and headed back home. Daddy was hosting a poker party there, so the kids and I spent a very relaxing and much needed rest watching shows snuggled in my big comfy bed for the remainder of the evening. Ahhhh.

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