Sunday, December 14, 2008


With the freezing rain pelting us each time we were in and out of the truck, my husband and Michael found themselves becoming buried and subsequently stranded in Bemidji. They had been up there since Friday morning for a hockey tournament, and now found themselves on an extended "vacation" in one of the coldest places in the state. A few of the main highways (including major I-94) had been closed due to the weather, and there was no way out.....literally. They were stuck until at least Monday morning. While glad not to be stuck bored in a boring hotel room, I would be lying if I said I were not a bit envious. No cooking, no cleaning, and most of all, SLEEP! I hope they appreciate their blessing in disguise!

On our end, we, unfortunately, were NOT stranded. Melissa and Crispy had their big Christmas Musical program on Saturday afternoon, so that meant lots of extra rehearsals this week. Thursday evening, Friday from 5-9pm, and an early arrival on Saturday. Crispy had two of his own hockey practices thrown in there as well. With church being a nearly 30 minute drive in the inclement weather, we spent way too much time in the truck this weekend. Oh....and the heater in my truck has been broken for two weeks---our only choices are extreme heat at maximum blowing speed, or no heat at all. Both options are rather uncomfortable and annoying. I guess we should at least be happy for heat.

The program was adorable, as usual. Crispy had a short speaking part, and his lines made the crowd laugh. He even dabbled in a cowboy drawl for his character...perhaps he will be another actor in this family! Melissa was happy to not be speaking this year (she has gotten very shy again), but to still have a special part as a member in King Herod's court. It was interesting to see her reactions change throughout the season as she learned more and more about King Herod and realized, "Momma? King Herod was not a nice man." I think she was even more thankful to not have a speaking part as one of the "bad guys".

The kids were excited to see both Grandmas, and Grandpa C at their show, who gave them a round of applause as they met us back at our seats. It is so nice to live close enough that the Grandparents can be a part of special things like means so very much to the kids, and I think the grandparents might like it too!

The kids and I spent the rest of that evening cuddled under blankets and watching "Horton Hears a Who". It was a very entertaining movie.....very cute. That had been my favorite Dr. Seuss book when I was little, even though it made me cry each time it was read. It was nice to see the movie done so very well.

The soggy Sunday morning went well enough, with early morning church, and no fighting. It is funny how the absence of just one kid influences the entire dynamics of the family. Crispy had hockey immediately after, and then we were home by lunchtime. I was shocked at the change in the weather when I ran out to Target after lunch for just a few things.....when I left, it was 36 degrees, and still raining, as it had been the entire morning. When I went back out to my car no more than an hour later, the temp had plummeted to 17 degrees, and everything was frozen solid! I got a workout just opening my car doors. I was lucky enough to be following the salt truck on my way home driving on the massive ice rink formerly known as streets. Whew! It was time to make the executive decision to forgo the 30 minute drive back to church this evening for the kids' end of production party.....we had a pajama party at home instead. Yes, it IS better to be stranded in the comforts of home.

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