Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We're on the News!

We had some excitement at our house today.

We had some bright lights in our normally purposefully darkened home(so we don't interfere with the outside light show, you know!).

There was a reporter who asked lots of questions.

And Bob was happy to spend a really long time answering them.

Melissa was interviewed too!

And though she said, "I was so nervous, I felt like I wanted to cry"...she did a fabulous job answering all of reporter Scott's questions.

Camera guy Andy was really nice too, and took beautiful shots of all the pretty lights and cute little "elves" in our home.

Our neighborhood was kind of bustling with the excitement of a news crew van parked outside for almost 5 hours!

We were all so thrilled to watch the final product on the local news channel, Fox 9, from the warmth of our library couch. With so much interview and scenery footage that was taken, it was so impressive how they condensed it into a perfect 2 minute segment on TV!

After so many years of Bob's elaborate display, this is the first time we have received some media attention. Though we are on the holiday limo service lists, I wonder if we are just too far out----we're on the metro's edge, literally---but word of mouth around town has brought more and more visitors each year. This reporter who came out said he caught wind of the story from a neighbor of his in Chaska who was talking about "a really incredible light display in Waconia" that he just really couldn't miss!

Last week, we were featured on the front page of our local paper....such a great photo!

We are SOOOOOOO hoping that this coverage will bring about some donations for Freedom an entirely volunteer run organization that does such AMAZING things for all these special needs kids, it is something that we believe so strongly in supporting.

Click the link below to see the whole news video online.....I don't know how long it will be posted!

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