Friday, January 29, 2010

Fixing My Baby

Quick quick, I'm so behind(written on Feb.23, 2010).
I was thinking about how easy blogging was when I began 2 years ago. Sitting at the computer while I was feeding my sweet little baby Thomas. It was such a good way to get pictures up and show off his super cute babyness, as well as write about all those little things I did not want to forget.

Fast forward two years, add another baby, though this time a difficult and challenging one, plus the seven original kids that are a couple years older, meaning now more active with things, and all of a sudden, my quiet, easy moments at the blogging keyboard are nearly gone. And all those little moments I don't want to forget? Sadly, they do become quickly and much too easily forgotten as well.

Baby Bethany. So crabby has she been. At eight months, her crabbiness has not subsided, and it is so very tiring. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. She has exhausted me. And for her, I also feel so bad. What in the world is wrong with her anyhow? As Bob and I were pondering this one evening, we were discussing increasing her Zantac dose to even further aid with her reflux. Though her puking was finally under control, her cries and "pyschoticness" just seemed to indicate that she was still in much discomfort. Or something.

As we were talking, Bob suddenly had an idea. Just like in the cartoons where the light bulb appears over the head of some brilliant new thought, Bob stated in a rather "Aha!" like fashion, "....unless she is having a paradoxical reaction to the antihistamine properties like you do(meaning, me) in the Zantac, making her crazy." Oh my goodness.....could it really be that simple? Did WE cause our baby's craziness via chemical induction?

It appears to be true. Upon stopping the Zantac on Sunday night, I had a perfectly normal baby by my side in about 24 hours' time. Smiles. Playing. Contentedness. And most notably, the lack of screaming. It is unbelievable. Looking back, I remember being puzzled on the days I would forget to give her a dose, yet think, "She seems to be doing better!" until the next day would cause so much regurg and pain with her reflux. But it all makes perfect sense now. To think that all this time, our poor little baby was experiencing a medically induced suffering. It makes me sad to think about all that lost time for her. But I am so happy that her loving Daddy figured it out, still in time for her to enjoy those precious little baby days ahead of her.
And to Alex, I owe you an were 100% correct that "Neezie is the best baby in the world....she is just misunderstood." Somehow, you just knew it all along. She sure is lucky to have such a great big brother as you!

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Alison said...

Wow, who would have EVER thought that was the problem? I'm sorry it has been so hard, and I hope it will all get easier now. :)