Thursday, January 28, 2010

The January Three---Part 3

It was my birthday, too. On the 19th of January.
I turned 40.

Enough said.

Moving on.......

Without giving any credit to that horrible little 2-digit number attached to my date of birth, there are a few things I enjoy about my birthday every year.

#1. This cake.

Honestly, this is the only reason I put up with having a birthday every year. This is incomparable on the goodness scale. Heaven on earth, right here, disguised in green marzipan. When Woullet's stops making this, or when my mom stops bringing this, consider my birthdays officially over and done with.

#2. My mom bringing me Indian food on my actual birthday. I love food. But not just any food. I love interesting, tasty, delectable food. Perhaps it is a hereditary trait from my dad. And being way out here in the sticks, there just is not much interesting food to choose from. My mom brought me enough to last through four days of lunches. It was delightful! To top it off, she stayed extra long this evening to allow Bob and I to go eat Mexican locally. Yum! Thanks again, Mom!

#3. Going out to eat. The women of my family and my just-like-a-sister friend, Tracey went out to eat at my favorite Thai restaurant, Sawatdee. Michael had a hockey tournament in Maple Grove a few weekends ago, and it was the perfect "excuse" to simply go down the road for lunch. My most perfect comfort food, was heavenly. Getting away with the girls (all of the family kid girls attended this year too, which was very sweet!) was a fabulous way to spend a few hours of the hockey-testosterone-laced weekend!

#4. This year, I got double dinners as Mary was unable to meet us over the weekend. She and I (and Bethany, of course!) had a fabulous meal at the French restaurant, Salut, shortly after my birthday. This had been the original plan for all the women, but due to illnesses and bad driving weather, it had been cancelled down to just the two (er, three) of us. I have been craving this restaurant since we had eaten there one year ago. Talk about stick-to-your-ribs, hearty, European cuisine!

#5. Phone call from friends and family. As hard as it is to actually "talk" on the phone, and how much easier it is to simply email, it is still nice to get the occasional call. Talking to my "soul-sister" Lisa, is one of the many birthday treats I look forward to every year. Living so far away, these calls are cherished! And this year, I had an unexpected and welcomed visit by my partner-in-parenting-large-families friend, Colleen. She brought me an insightful book, "One Month to Live". I am looking forward to the thought process changes to occur because of it (....or maybe she knows something I don't????).

#6. My most awesome camera. Bob gave this to me around Christmas so that I would be able to use it for the holidays. It is a smoking hot Canon first digital SLR. I am loving it! And loving it even more as I continue to learn more about the gazillion controls and settings. So fun, and is bringing picture taking to a whole new level.

#7. Lunch with the Waconia gals. I had to cancel out of this one last week due to an unfortunate bout of RSV illness in our house. The ladies went along without me anyhow, and tried out a Thai restaurant in Chanhassen. They all thought it was terrific, and my neighbor kindly brought me a savory lunch. Yep, they were was terrific! Looking forward to the make up lunch already!

#8. Gift cards! This year I was able to splurge on an alarm clock/radio/cd player/ipod charger with GIGANTIC digital numbers that I can actually see from 12 inches away at night in bed without my glasses on(another trait I inherited from my dad---blindness). Sad when something like this is so very exciting! I guess it proves that I am indeed old now. I have many more to use wisely. And especially exciting is a generous spa card! Good gravy, I've never been to a spa! Or massage. My first (and only) pedicure was last spring with my old MOPS team. Granted, I can see how people get hooked so was nice to be pampered a little bit. And my crafty sister in law, Erin, got me a cool scrap booking sticker maker and 40 pages of super cute specialty paper. (I guess that horrible number was good for something, after all!) She always gets me inspired to pursue my crafty interests.

Well, as much fun as this has been focusing on my advancing age, I need to get going.....I've got 6 more parties to plan! Yeesh!

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