Monday, February 15, 2010


Bethany is officially 9 months old.
I didn't realize it until late this afternoon as we were at Playworks with my brother and the twins. Without my camera. Purposely without my camera. So that I could focus on playing with and enjoying my kids. Which, by the way, was entirely accomplished. We had a total blast. And even stayed for cheap (and good) dinner. Then stayed longer for a few arcade games. And talking to strangers. We can't wait to go again someday!

(Here is the best I could do with my itty bitty camera phone:)

Bethany's looking hip.

And she's feeling groovy.

Well, as long as I am holding her or she is extremely distracted.

She loves her Daddy very much.

She loves Jonny. And Alex. And Tubby. And Grandmas and Grandpa.

But me? Well, she screams at me all day long again since coming home from the hospital. It's so hard. But if I had to make a real guess, I suppose she does love me, too.

Happy 9 Month Birthday, Bethany!

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