Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pajama Party

Oh my, the day of days is here.......Laura's Birthday Party. How we have waited for this day to come. Being that it was her first ever friend party, we just had to do it up right. So first, we picked a fun theme: Pajamas. Pajamas, pajamas. Nothing better than waking up and not getting dressed on a Saturday. And seriously, what 6 year old does not love lounging around in pajamas all day? None that I have met! And the best part of a pajama party? You get all the fun and excitement of a sleepover type party without the actual "sleepover" part. Haha!

Once we picked out the theme, we made some invitations. Completely cute invitations, if I do say so myself.

We made these with my dormant Cricut machine that I have had for over a year, but have had such little time to use it. Such a shame.

A sweet special invite for the one boy invited to the party. Just to clarify, Laura stated, "He's not my boyfriend, I just love him so much!"

Laura's nasty cold threatened cancellation of the whole ordeal, but after a few doses of Tylenol, and a bowl of oatmeal, Super-Laura was ready for action. PJ's and all.
The kids played games, like Toss the Stuffed Animals to Dreamland, and Lollipop drop.
They visited the spa, where nearly all of them chose to have their nails done by the famous Auntie Erin.
They made pillows. Super-soft, fleece knot-tied pillows. Cuz what's a pajama party without a good pillow? A tip for any of you considering such a fantastic activity at your next party with Kindergartners: out of the 11 little kids there, only one knew how to make a knot prior to this activity. ONE. And she was in second grade. Thankfully, a couple of girls(and the one boy) were quick learners, so we weren't tying all 11 pillows on our own.

After the rather long pillow making session, they all cuddled up to hear a bedtime story given by Auntie Erin. This was followed by an interactive story led by Jonny and Crispy. They had those kids giggling so hard, I was sure someone would pee their pajama bottoms.
And presents. Lots of presents. Lots of crafty type of presents. Perfect for this age.

Finally, the highlight of the party.....(drumroll, please!).......

The Cake.
Cute little pumpkins tucked under a pink polka-dotted blankie, their heads nestled atop squishy marshmallow puffs, no doubt all comfy and cozy in their most beloved pajamas.
Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow ripple suited the chocolate cake quite well. Yes, Laura is our chocolate girl. In fact, while I was pregnant with her, she forced me---a self-proclaimed NON-chocolate person----to eat something chocolate every single day. Every. Single. Day. Though so very strange at the time, her love of chocolate was evident even before she was born....and is easily apparent now. In fact, her present that Papa Don sent her was one of her most favorite. It was a cardboard shipping box filled with chocolate! Does he know her, or what?!?
The party was a success, and we were all ready to just "chill out" with the family pizza party that followed. Honestly, though there were 2 Grandmas, one Mommy, 2 older brothers, (the older sister was smart enough to hide upstairs), one Daddy, and one very capable Auntie who thankfully was well versed in all-things-girly, we were almost no match for these little girls (+one boy). They were loud! And squirlly! And hyper! And, well, insisting on pillow fights! I will choose to believe that it was simply because they were having so much fun.....because it is inconceivable that a bunch of little girls would be more stressful, er, I mean excitable, than a bunch of little boys at a party only three weeks earlier. Right?!? Oh wait...would that mean that the boys didn't have fun at Crispy's party? Oh dear, I think they did. Certainly today, I know Laura did! And that is all that really matters for now.

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Alison said...

What a fun party! Happy Birthday Laura!