Sunday, September 19, 2010

Photo Shoot

These fall days have been just perfect lately. The cooler weather, the drier air, the golden sunshine, and the beginning changes of color in the leaves. I just love it. And so do the kids.

Tonight we were blessed to have a visit from our wonderful friends Chris and Alison and their 4 kids. The visit was multifauceted: a time for the kids to play, us adults to catch up, but most excitedly, for photos of the 3 boys and Alex's senior pictures to be taken! Ali has become a self-taught photographer over just the past year or two, and her pictures are gorgeous. She has a marvelous talent, and a great artistic eye. I can not even come up with another person I would prefer to take pictures for us. She is developing her business, Greater Good Photography with a wonderful concept: rather than charging fees for profit, her clients choose which charitable organization they wish their fees to go to. I think that is wonderful! I think that she is wonderful!

The evening was simply splendid, and Ali found lots of great spots around town to photograph my 3 sons. She had me bring my camera along as well, and gave me mini photo shooting lessons as well as the borrowed use of one of her fancy lenses. I was thrilled to get some expert advice, but it was even more fun just to watch her work. She really has a knack for this. This post contains a few of my better shots (unedited of course, as editing requires a whole 'nother learning curve).....remember that I had help in this, so please don't think that all of my pics will be this good from now on. I only wish they would be!

When we arrived back home, the guys had the house with all the other 8 kids very well under control. It sounded like everyone had a great time. It's not surprising, we always have a wonderful time together! I wish we could do it more often. And I am really looking forward to seeing Ali's pics....I am certain that they will be amazing. Thanks for visiting with us, Chris and Alison, and kids! And for the great photography lessons, too!

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Alison said...

Julie! These are great!!! I am so impressed! You don't even need mine!