Friday, June 26, 2009

Date Due

Today is Friday, June 26......the date that Baby Bethany was due to be born. Of course, we had been expecting her to be a few weeks early, but we had not quite figured that we would be celebrating her 6 week birthday today. And poor kiddo, she was not much in the mood for celebrating, as her tiny little baby cold has gotten the tiny little best of her. It is so hard not to smile and say "awwwwww....." when she cries her tiny little hoarse baby cry. This sweet little pea is still such a tiny one. If she is seven pounds yet, that would be something. Though not growing physically very quickly, she seems to be right on track developmentally. I have spent many a minute looking at her and talking to her, just waiting for that smile to burst out. It is so close to the surface, you can almost see it! Even with her tiny illness, she looks like she is going to bless us with that happy little baby grin any day! Her neck is also getting stronger, giving her some added flexibility of what she gets to look at. She loves being in rooms where many people are taking turns talking, and will look from each person to the next as the voices and sounds change around her. But when she is tired, asleep she goes, and not a single voice can disrupt her slumber. That's almost like having a super-power.....being able to sleep anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance. I would like to have that option these days!

My biggest girl and my smallest girl accompanied me on a quick trip up to St. Cloud today to pick up my second son from his week-long hockey camp. He and 7 others from Waconia had a WONDERFUL time. It was a fabulous camp that not only worked them hard (Michael was too exhausted and muscle-sore to even think about going paint-balling the next day), but assisted them in their Christian growth and walk with Christ. I have a feeling that all those small group sessions, hours each day in song & worship, listening and reflecting on inspirational speakers, and fellowship in prayer just may have drawn the 8 of them closer together! What a great way to build up friendships!

It was good to see Michael again, and even better hearing many stories about his week as we drove back home. Apparently the Waconia kids were particularly drawn to spotting squirrels in the out of doors, scurrying around campus everywhere they walked, which annoyed their group leader a bit. At one point he asked, "Aren't there any squirrels in Waconia?" To which the kids replied, "No, not really!" Which is true. It was one of the things I missed right away when we moved. I don't know if it is all the new developments around here, or what, but to see a squirrel is a rare thing indeed for us. The kids saw one in an older neighborhood once when they were on the bus coming home from school, and that was all they could talk about in regards to their day. When we went to the Nature Center last week to watch Melissa's pioneer dancing, Laura asked me as we headed up the walkway, "Is this the place we saw the squirrel?" Yeah, that was last year, when we visited the park. That's how often we see them. Tubby doesn't even know what one is. At our old house in New Brighton, squirrels were about as plentiful as mosquitoes! But they DO know what raccoons (mostly of the dead, road-kill variety), skunks (of the same variety), grasshoppers, fireflies, turtles, frogs, cows, herons, hawks, and massive weeds are. OK, moving on....

Michael shows some nice qualities as being a leader in group settings. It comes up often as a theme for him in the different activities he is involved in. I always find it so interesting when my kids are almost like completely separate people inside and out of the home. Not that it is bad....sometimes both personalities are each entirely positive and wonderful....just different, is all. I am looking forward to watching him grow next year in High School and to develop some real interests and direction. While Alex is showing great aptitude in music, given his playing 4 separate instruments quite well, making it into upper level bands without even owning the instrument with which he auditions on, transposing and writing music, Michael seems to be following a similar, yet much different path. Michael is becoming more and more interested in learning how to play guitars of all sorts, deciphering musical lines, picking out melodies, harmonies, and supporting registers, and also interested in composing. Just today he stated he'd like to play in a worship band someday. Yes, it will be interesting to see where his life journey is taking him.

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