Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fabulous Fathers

We are thankful for Daddies. And Grandpas. And Uncles. And all the other special not-related-but-might-as-well-be men in our lives. Thankful today, and everyday!
We celebrated Father's Day one day early, as we have the past three years. We spend Saturday with a late afternoon BBQ, hanging out in the yard, playing with our cousins, and getting wet in the front yard sprinkler (or backyard water slide). The dads and grandpas enjoy good beer, a nice view from the deck, and good food (that THEY prepare since none of us women know how to run the grill). The rest of us watch the kids run and play and just have simply a good time together, taking in a lazy afternoon.
5pm is when the action starts. Bob drives Alex to the marching band meeting spot, and gets Jonny and Crispy to their banner holding station. He then travels to our designated "saved" spot by the park along the parade route for Lake Waconia's Band Festival, which has harbored our chairs and blankets from the day before. This year, we were sickened to find that all five of our chairs had been stolen sometime overnight. Sad to think that this happens in our sweet little town. The rest of us arrive after walking 6 blocks from the nearest parking space to our blankets on the curb. At precisely 6pm, the show begins. And quite a show it has become!
Once a small, charming little event in a small, charming little town, the festival has grown immensely in the 6 years we have been here. From our first summer where we just happened upon a prime spot on the sparsely populated curb in the parade, to now having to save spots the night before in a crowd that has become 6 layers deep from the curb in order to get a good view. While a bit frustrating that this is what it takes, it is all worth it in the end, as we watch 15 of the state's top marching bands perform right in front of us. Always a treat. This year, not only did we get to share it with Grandmas and Grandpas, but my brother and his family shared it with us too. I think they enjoyed it...even though Waconia's drumline parked their gong right in front of us which impeded the view and sound of their show. No matter...we got to focus on the award winning drumline instead! Waconia has been sweeping all contests we have been in this has been so exciting. Since we were the hosts for this festival, we did not get to compete, but the kids performed to their very best level anyhow, because that's the way Waconia does it!

Today, Bob spent his Father's Day following Alex in the marching band through the streets of Hutchinson with Michael by his side. The rest of us did not attend the competition as it appeared certain that storms would be riddling our outing. Thankfully for the band, the storms never happened...not even rain. Meanwhile, we were rained out at home, and my tired children spent the afternoon bullying each other and being impossibly obnoxious. It was a fabulous day for me, I tell ya'. If it hadn't of been for making it to church this morning ( 15 minutes late, but I DID make it there!), this day would have been a total bust for the rest of us.
Daddy spending some sweet time with the baby, protecting her delicate ears at the parade.

After the parade, Bob and Michael took off for his Christian hockey camp in St. Cloud. They spent good use of their extra time by having dinner together and enjoying a quiet outing, just the two of them. Bob's dedication to Alex's marching band and Michael's hockey has been quite complete over the last three years. He does not miss a game or a parade unless entirely impossible to make it....and when that happens, he just feels terrible. So, it is actually quite fitting that those two things have filled up this father's day for him. I hope he realizes how much our kids appreciate his efforts and the time he bestows on them, when time is so precious and little for him most days. They are lucky to have such a dedicated dad.
My 5 men watching eagerly as the 6th(Alex) comes marching down the street

Upon his return this evening, he will get to enjoy relaxing at his computer, watching Chuck with Jonny from the DVD season 1 collection. He will probably spend time being silly with the little ones, causing Laura and Tubby to giggle, and Melissa and Crispy to scream. He will also probably spend some time holding his itty bitty baby daughter which is good for her and good for me, as I will get a break to change laundry loads or finish the growing pile of dishes in the sink. Yes, we are looking forward to Daddy coming home and restoring a sense of balance to this (irritating) day. Though it is just an ordinary day at our house for the kids, I think they do recognize the extraordinary Daddy they is evident in the grand amount of excitement that is brewed while yelling, "Daddy's Home!" as soon as he walks through the front door.

Happy Father's Day!

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