Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Sister

What can we do with a little sister?

We can hold her and give her lots and lots of love.

We can strap her in the car seat and bring her places with us.

We can give her baby massages with oil and lotion after her bath.

We can hold her some more and enjoy her cute littleness.

We can push her in her swing or give her her nukki when she is sad.

We can share her with others, like Grandmas and Grandpas.

We can hold her some more and be proud to be helpful & loving big sisters and brothers.

We can play "dolls" with her...and she gets to wear the doll's dresses too!

...and she can wear the doll's pajamas! (American Girl Doll Julie's 1970's PJ's)

But mostly we love her & hold her and thank God for yet another glorious miracle.

1 comment:

Alison said...

Something tells me that those American Girl doll PJs are more expensive than normal baby jammies. But they sure do look cute on her!