Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Farewell Fourth Grade

Nearly the end of the school year, and another graduation of sorts. Jonathan is finishing the fourth grade at the elementary school and now will move onto the middle school (cringe). He has been the first kid in our family to go all the way from kindergarten through fourth grade here in Waconia. So this has truly been his school home. He has made many friends, and was involved in many activities. It has been overheard of the principal saying, "Now, that Jonny Zajac...he is a real leader in his class." Perfect grades, perfect attendance, perfect friendships, perfect activities, perfect, perfect, perfect. He even has a perfectly delightful anticipation of heading to the middle school despite two brothers who have gone before him who have detested every step of that path.

An evening program was filled with songs the fourth graders sang for us, and certificates of completion. Jonny was one of the kids picked to read his speech about fourth grade memories. A slideshow of the 100+ students was a nice touch, and each kid was sent home with a video CD of the program. Cake and punch followed, and we all viewed the class pictures taken from the time these guys started kindergarten. From buzz cuts and enthusiastic wide faced smiles, to knowing grins and tousled thick hair. What a change in five years!

The Grandmas and I watched on as my boy filled with self confidence went through his routines. I am very proud of this boy who continues to excel in all he does (except for cleaning his room). He is looking forward to facing new challenges, entering the music program (playing trumpet), having new classes, and growing experiences with his friends. With his exuberance of kindness and a positive attitude, he may just be what that middle school needs. And if his good nature proves to be too much for the school to handle, he is always welcome here at home!

OH....and look what Tubby has been practicing over the past few days.....standing on his own and walking behind his walker!

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Alison said...

Wow, what a little cutie! It's so fun to watch our little babies do the same things at the same time. I had wondered if my T was late in walking, but it seems he just wants to be doing what his friend T is doing. How cool!