Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Day of School!

The day was filled with fervent packing for our trip to Duluth. Being ill since last Friday, cleaning and packing has taken a back if this were a super long passenger train, it would have been in the caboose. With Bob home for the day, the baby entertained downstairs, I packed my kids one by one. Alex would be left behind this trip, due to marching band engagements. He is leaving for band camp early Sunday morning, and needs to be plenty packed himself. Leaving when the kids got home from school seemed like it would be an impossibility.

By one o'clock, things were actually under control. Every bag was packed, along with a few bags of toys for all the rainy day needs. Crispy and Laura came with me to the awards ceremony at the elementary school. It was a very nice event. All the kids in the school sang songs, and many awards and recognition certificates were given. Jonny received all three: perfect attendance, school patrol, and student council. The other grades all sang "So Long, Farewell" to the 4th graders. Melissa had been very concerned about this and had been begging all week to not have to be made to sing it to Jonny because she didn't want to cry. I was so impressed that she sang the song, movements and all, and did not shed a single tear! At the end of the program, everyone's favorite custodian rode a lift to the top of the gymnasium rafters and fastened the fourth grade time capsule to the ceiling. When these kids graduate from high school, it will be taken down and opened. How cool is that?

After many good-byes to teachers and friends, I was able to take my kids home......on to our summer vacation! I love summer vacation: not because of the weather, I could do without the heat, but because I love having all of my kids at home. I never want it to end, ever. When Alex arrived home 30 minutes later, our truck was packed and we were ready to go. A few big hugs for my oldest (sniff), several excited kids, and one really big dog later, we were off on our first Duluth adventure of the summer. We made fairly decent time, stopping once for gas, dinner, potty break(for all the kids and the dog)and treats from Tobie's bakery. The kids were thrilled as they tumbled out the truck and onto Grandpa's driveway. We had just enough time for everyone to meet Grandpa's new puppy, Vinny, and to get their wiggles and sillies out before climbing into their cozy sleeping bags on the floor. Night night little ones. Happy Summer Vacation!

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