Monday, June 2, 2008

Mommy is Out of the Office Today

I do not think that I slept for more than 15 minutes at any one point last night. There is no way to describe how awful and painful this feels. I would so much rather take one of my horrible headaches over this (maybe THAT is the lesson I am to be learning here...that my headaches really are not so bad?). All I could do this morning was cry as I drove my poor kids to school. Golly gee, this is terrible. Oh, and I really can't hear so well.

My wonderful mom came out this morning to stay with the kids as I went in (finally!) to the clinic. I truly do not know how I made it to the cities and back...the pain was so intense I was sure that my ears would explode off of my head. The doctor confirmed what I had expected. It was a flare up of a skin condition that settled in my ears while I was pregnant with Tubby. Thanks Thomas. The canals were so inflamed and swollen, that she was unable to even see through the left ear. She sent me away with some steroid and antibiotic drops, and some pain meds(since I can't take anything helpful like Ibuprofen due to severe allergy). By the time I got home, I felt pretty yucky, and was starting to feel feverish. I think that I kept passing out on the couch. So my mom, who was the adult thinking clearly in my home today, insisted that she take Melissa to her riding lessons 30 minutes away. Good thing too.....I didn't get up once the two hours they were gone, and I am not sure how many of those minutes I was even awake. Boy is it good to have such responsible boys like Jonny to pick up the slack and watch the baby during times like this!

So the world went on, Melissa had a good riding lesson....I am sure that she was so happy to have Grandma there watching. I would bet that Grandma enjoyed it too! Grandma made dinner for my kids. Grandma ? brought Jonny to his last cub scout meeting of the year. It has been nice that she has been Jonny's scouting buddy over the past few years. One more year, then he moves on to Boy Scouts! Daddy took control of the rest of the crew when he got home while I slipped in and out of consciousness. The girls made me get well cards that were very sweet. Melissa wrote on hers "Get very better soon. The world is such a disaster when you are sad." How sweet! I need to be done with this....I do not have the time or patience to be sick!

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Alison said...

It's no fun when Mommy's sick - for anyone. I hope you are feeling better.