Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sitting on the Porch

Last night was awful. I had such a hard time sleeping from the pain, my left ear canal is now entirely swollen shut, and my right one has begun to hurt. In desperation, I came across some medication at 3am from my c-section with Laura. It at least took the edge off enough to function, allowing me to make it to church with my kids. Church was great, as usual, and I was able to stay focused enough to remember the sermon. Melissa was brave enough to go to the second grade room for her second Sunday in a row since JAM has been over, and she went on and on about how wonderful it was. Crispy is still accompanying Laura in her morning classroom for moral support. Jonny had some kind of graduation thing in his room, as next week he will be moving to the middle school worship service!!

I took the kids to Costco for lunch, as I could not possibly make them anything to eat today. I spent the day going back and forth between feeling like I could not take the pain for one second more when the medication wore off, to feeling like I could make it until clinic hours tomorrow when the meds kicked in. I really did not want to go to our ER again(which was our urgent care option). I am sure that they are so sick of me coming in every year. But by bedtime, it was clear I had made the wrong choice by staying home. No amount of medication was helping anymore(perhaps cuz it was more than four years old), there was nothing to help ease the pain, and now I had to wait at least 12 more hours for help. Thanks Bob, Mom, and Dad for the correct advice to just go in earlier today.....but remember that I need to have someone forcibly make me go....haven't we all learned that over the past several years?? (hmm.....I think I might know where Laura gets her stubbornness from)
The kids and I spent a lot of time sitting on our porch in the shade was so pretty outside. I have always wanted a front porch, and it always makes me so happy to sit out on it. The kids like it too. It somehow just seems very homey. Jonny was so sweet....he made Koolaid for all the neighbor kids that ended up congregated with us on the porch...10 in all. Thank you to TiaLisa and Uncle Cally who sent this dress in the above picture to Melissa for her birthday. She LOVES it and since she received it the other day, has worn it everyday after she gets home from school.

I forgot that yesterday we saw a beautiful(though quite light) rainbow from end to end in our backyard after a quick almost sun shower. I will take it as a sign of hope for tomorrow.

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