Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday Party Girl

Birthday Girl.

She has one every year.
A birthday, that is.
In fact, this is her tenth one. a row.

We took the day off of school.
Rather, utilized the day off that school gave us.
Melissa chose to go to Pump It Up.

Lots of inflatable fun.

For 90 solid minutes!!

They were hot, tired, but had so much fun!

Bethany was a bit intimidated, but she liked the balls.
Crispy was the only boy, but didn't mind one bit.

We then went back to our house for pizza and presents. And just some regular old birthday craziness. Like "hospital". Before long, we had 5 doctors and a multitude of critically ill patients, most of whom needed life saving surgery....STAT.

Just for fun, the girls all insisted we go to Jonny's Wizard of Oz play. Some very nice people in the front row allowed all of the kids to sit in front of their feet so that they could actually see the show this time. Thank you God, for the goodness of kind human beings.

They all loved it!

Back at home, with the grandparents joining us as well, it was time for cake. But before we cut into it, I had Melissa play her cake.

Rather, she played the musical line written atop it with cherry notes.

She did it! And so began the beginning of the "Happy Birthday" chorus.
After cake, the girls had a wee bit of energy to blow off. Go figure.
Once all the scheduled surgeries were completed, the doctors shed their day job clothes and began their cheer leading practice. They even found some new recruits. And mascots.

They practiced, and practiced. And put on quite a show for us. I videotaped the "War!" cheer. Too bad for you all that I am not high tech savvy enough to possibly make it onto this post. It was a pretty good cheer. For a bunch of 10 year old girls.

For sanity's sake, we had a calming down activity in front of the tv. But instead of just mindlessly watching the pre-recorded new episode that had aired while we were at the play, I had the girls make their own pillows. Because you need a pillow for a sleep over. And you need to have a sleep over if you are having a birthday party. At least that's what I have been told. And it really helped to round out a very special birthday for my very special girl.

Not to worry.....they were all out 20 minutes into the movie, Princess and the Frog.
And Bethany got quite bored watching me clean the kitchen at midnight. I guess I don't blame her.

Happy Birthday(Party), Melissa!

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