Sunday, May 9, 2010

Melissa's Birthday/Mother's Day Picnic

I love it when Melissa's Birthday lands on Mother's Day. I really do. Mother's Day is such a special day for me because there is nothing I enjoy better than being a mom. Nothing. And to celebrate that day with my oldest daughter? Absolutely wonderful.

Melissa loves to spend her birthdays walking through the flower gardens of the Arboretum. We had all intentions of doing that until we learned that there was also a Mother's Day brunch and Plant sale going on that made parking an impossibility. So, plan B was just as good....perhaps even better!....we had a relaxing picnic in the park in the middle of our town. Having the place nearly entirely to ourselves, we enjoyed the day immensely. And Melissa couldn't have been happier with all of the special birthday attention she received. Doesn't she just look soooooooo happy?!?
Of course, a good cupcake has been known to bring a smile or two to anyone.
And this card, made by Grandma ?.
Good gracious, this card.
With a picture of Melissa as a baby and one of her now...10 years later. So creative. And beautiful!

Alex hijacked my camera for the rest of the afternoon.
I am glad he did....I really enjoy his perspective on things:

After our large picnic lunch and birthday cupcakes, we walked down the streets of our small, adorable little town to the local little ice cream shop. Bethany even shared a few smiles with us.

I love our little town....strolling up and down the quaint little just makes me happy!

Eventually, Melissa was antsy to get back home and to play with some of her birthday presents. She spent some time getting to know her new doll Rebecca, and giving her beautiful new hair-dos in the new salon chair.And her "big" gift this year was a Zune HD. Alex spent several days loading tons of CD's, a few videos, and some other fun stuff onto this high tech device. After a quick tutorial by Alex, Melissa was able to navigate it quite easily, and had a great time listening to music and playing bowling. A perfect gift for an emerging tweenager.To top off our already super-fabulous day. Daddy took his two special gals out to dinner. Melissa picked the local Chinese buffet. One of our favorites.
It was so sweet to spend some quality time with just our daughter. Something that doesn't happen all that often in our ultra busy household. We ate, talked, ate, laughed, ate some more, and then went home when we thought we would most certainly burst from our midsections. It was the perfect ending to an as near to perfect as possible day.

Happy 10th Birthday, Melissa!

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