Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dance Recital

Laura had a dance recital today. It was an amazing show! SO many groups, so many girls. And even a few little boys took part in the program. Having had only exposure to Just for Kix(in which nothing of substance was learned, and if you can't keep up on your own power, too bad for you) in the past, I was totally impressed with this show. With set changes, ever-changing costumes and songs, I almost felt like we were watching something on the likes of being on Broadway. Well, with the exception of professional dancers. But that is what made this show even more charming. All those kids were simply adorable!
Laura did great, and remembered a good portion of her steps throughout their tap segment. Knowing how shy she is and how nervous she was to perform on stage in front of hundreds of people in a giant auditorium, I was so proud of her. And so was Daddy, her siblings, and all her grandparents in attendance.

She was thrilled to get flowers......she never knew that was part of the joys of being a dancer. Nice perk, for sure!

So all that hard work each week for 8 months came to an end today. Was it worth it? Perhaps. It would have been nice if the girls were allowed to watch the show when they weren't on stage. But the audience didn't seem to have an empty seat available. I do know that Laura felt very proud of all she has accomplished this dance season. As a first time dancer, she gained some good confidence and skills. And now has another way-too-cute costume she can play dress up in!

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