Saturday, May 1, 2010

Modern Day Prom

My first baby went to Prom today. Yes today. Not just tonight. Or this evening. Today. As in all day long. The proms of the past seem to be no longer. Which is a good thing. Prom at our High School is not simply a fancy dance followed after a fancy dinner on your own. It is an all day event. And I think that it is a very good thing.
It began with pictures in the park just after noon. Here are a whole bunch of prom attendees. They all looked so lovely. Even in the 20mph winds and cloudy skies. My son was not in this group. He had already left. I cried.

They next had the Grand March in the gymnasium. The decorations were amazing. The entire gym was transformed into something fit for royalty. Each couple was announced and then proceeded to walk through the fancy prom-walk, stopping at each corner trellis for pictures taken by hundreds of paparazzi fans. Laura and I found a great little spot on the floor by crawling under and through the packed bleachers. We ooooo'd and ahhhhh'd over the beautiful dresses.

Alex and his prom date looked lovely. And all grown up. *sigh*

After their stardom walk, the nearly 200 couples were loaded into buses, and bussed to the dinner and dance site, nearly one hour away. They were then bussed back and locked into the high school until about 4am. Appetizers, food, and entertainment occupied their time. What a great, safe way to have prom! And as parents, to be free of all moments of worry was a priceless thing.

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Alison said...

What a nice looking couple! I'm glad they had fun - and it sounds like the school really has it together. That's great.