Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today, Tubby went from this:



Though he did remarkably well in his 5 week long casted state, he is so happy to be FREE! ( And our faces are cheering as they recover from bruises and bonks left behind from Tubby's enthusiatic heavy casted hugs around our necks over the past month.)

But it really had not slowed him down much.

Honestly, one would have never known his arm was broken by the way he continued running around and playing. Aren't kids just amazing that way?

Though his arm is quite sore from so many weeks of immobilization, I think he is pretty happy to be a little lighter now. And after a few hours of playing with his new Star Wars Play-do set, he pretty much forgot about that new pain.

Now, how long do you suppose before he is back on that trampoline?!?

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