Sunday, October 24, 2010

And Jonny Makes Three

Boy, oh boy, oh boy, what a day today is. Today we celebrate the beautiful day that Jonathan was born into our lives. So sweet, so kind, so gentle, so loving. Such a consistent personality from day one. My right hand guy, always willing to help out. The brother that knows how to play with the kids. The kid who can take our place if we are out. Responsible. Creative. Smart. Musical. Thoughtful. Wonderful. Jonathan.

This birthday is one of those milestone days......Jonny becomes a teenager! It is hard to believe that 13 years have already gone by. I can still vividly see him as a baby in our arms. Growing so fast now, he is challenged by Osgood Schlatter's disease: "disease" is quite the misnomer. What has happened is that his bones have grown too quickly over the last year (he has grown 6 inches or more!), that his tendons and ligaments/muscles have not been able to grow/stretch enough yet to accommodate the extra bone length. Therefore, since they are shorter than necessary, they are pulling at the bone in his knees, actually pulling pieces of the bone away resulting in quite a bit of pain. Thankfully, with some shoe inserts, physical therapy, ice, ibuprofen, and stretching exercises, he is beginning to have some relief!
We couldn't be more proud of Jonny and the young man he is becoming. Though now an official teen, he loves his family, loves Jesus, and is respectful to all he comes into contact with. He is the entertainer, game player, game-maker-upper, musically and creatively minded, theatrically blessed, beautiful third son of ours. Just a nice, nice boy.....with only occasional "teenage" moments.
We celebrated today with family at our house in an impromptu style, as is typical for around here. Taco bar, root beer float punch, chocolate-coconut-almond cake, and a Dairy Queen Reese's ice cream cake fed our guests well. All the kids helped by decoration the deck door windows with window paint. Even though this was Jonny's actual birthday today, he was sweet enough to share his celebrations with Auntie Sharon and Great Aunt Barb(not pictured) who also have birthdays within just a couple of days. In addition, the twins(whose birthday we celebrated last weekend) will be turning 6 "for real" tomorrow! Our house was filled with lots of birthday guests....literally!
Barb's health has been quite precarious since this past spring, with many hospital visits and nursing home stays. She and Alan are now living down at the farm with Grandma ? and Lyle so that they will have consistent care and supervision as neither of them are fully capable of living safely on their own (or together) any longer. It has been a hard adjustment for everyone...especially emotionally for Barb & Alan.
It was a nice day to sit and chat, and to enjoy a house filled with people that matter to us. It's always so much fun to watch all the cousins run around and play! And an especially nice day to concentrate on our especially nice boy. Teenager #3......but this time, we are not even scared.

Happy Birthday, Jonny! We love you!

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