Friday, October 29, 2010


Our church is amazing when it comes to most things, and children's ministry is tops. Tonight was the annual Trunk-n-Treat. This comprised of games, food, face painting, bounce houses, a moral lesson, and some worship songs. There must have been at least 1,000 or more people was crazy! There were so many people, that my kids only played one game after standing in line for 20 minutes, sweltering in their costumes. Outside, the bounce houses were so crowded, there was not a chance for all of them to go in. And walking around? Well, with 6 of them on my own, it was actually a bit nerve-wracking trying not to lose anyone. And it takes quite a lot to wrack my nerves!

The positives? Well, all the people, of course! With such a turnout, it just speaks volumes as to the reaches of the children's ministery team. So many kids, so many young families, all doing something wonderful for their kids....simply by being there. Outreach is amazing. I am constantly impressed and surprised how God continues to work through seemingly ordinary events. It is wonderful indeed.

After the worship service, kids went "trick or treating" in the parking lot to cars who had decorated their trunks. Never having been to this event before (but Grandma ? took the kids last year), we jumped in both fet, and decorated our own trunk as well. It turned out so cute with cobwebs, pumpkin lights, and a friendly color changing ghost.....still not quite sure if was considered to be too "scary" for the intended purpose, but we received many nice comments from kids who visited. Jonny handed out candy, and though we had brought 5 giant bags, we ran out before it was even half over! We had to close up our cute little trunk, and sadly turn people away! We ended the night with eating pizza in our trunk. The kids had a blast, despite the huge crowds. And after getting candy, they no longer were sad about missing most of the games and all of the outside toys. As for me, am not sure that I want to brave the inside crowd again next year or not....but we will for sure do up our trunk again. Next time we will triple our amount of candy!

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