Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Quite a Kid Anymore

Now that Jonny is officially a teenager, he must forgo some of those "kid-like" experiences. He is not ready for that quite yet, being a kid at heart, much like his dad. But in some instances, he just must comply. Birthday parties is one of those things. Jonny is one of the last in his group of friends who has been even having birthday gatherings for the past few years. Gone are the days of grand decor, party games, matching themes, and favor bags. Now, a small group of good friends makes up the festive "party" instead of the unruly dozen plus gang. This year, Jonny chose to do more "mature" activities. We spent a great part of the afternoon on a digital scavenger hunt. I wrote down caption riddles, and the boys, as a group, needed to decide the best place in Waconia and how to pose in order to make the caption make sense. Of course, multiple interpretations were a possibility. It was so much fun to hear them discussing their plans! One clue led us to the ice cream shop.....not my intention when I made the clue. I was hinting at the ice arena. But those smarty pants boys managed some free giant waffle cones out of me somehow.
We finished our day with pizza from Pizza Ranch (Jonny's favorite) and strawberry cheesecake (another favorite). Then they all went outside and played The Zombie game in the dark on the trampoline for what seemed like hours as parents picked up their kids. Yes, kids. Thankfully, I think it will be a few more years before they are fully grown-up.

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