Friday, August 1, 2008

August Arrives

Happy August!

With August comes the stress that summer is winding down and school is just around the corner. Today we strove to put that thought behind us and just enjoy the (HOT) day.

Crispy and I started to day off right by dragging our old kitchen table and chairs out of the basement and to the front yard for donation pick up. We got to help somebody in need, and all the kids who could understand felt good about that.

Grandma ? came over to hold the cranky Tubby while I took the 3 Muskateers to open skate. It was our first time in the new Waconia Ice Arena (though Michael has been there 3 times a week since it opened in early June). It was nice and clean, bright and cheery, with music to skate to, and plenty of room to move, as we nearly had the place to ourselves. The girls impressed me with how well they did with the skate helper though having had so many months in between our skating sessions. Crispy gets better and better each time we go, and today skated very well despite wearing winter clothes that were 4 sizes too small for him and no socks.

Melissa enjoyed the company of her best friend this afternoon, and the rest of us hung out in the backyard. The shade was surprisingly comfortable, so we spent several hours playing in the sand box, swinging, and playing on the water slides. Jonny has been going to a day "Survival" camp at a nearby nature center this week. He has climbed a rock wall, started a fire, cut down a tree, and spent today canoeing, just to name a few activities. He joined us in the yard when he came home, and made all the kids giggle like crazy by pushing them high on the swings. After dinner, the kids continued to play outside as Bob ran the yard sprinklers. Good for the kids to enjoy these beautiful summer days!

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