Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fiddler on the Roof

Let me just say, that this was an awesome performance! Anyone who had just walked off the street would have never guessed that these kids had only been rehearsing since Monday! It was amazing how well these kids did. Not only acting, but singing, choreography, and set maneuvering. Very impressive. I would have to say it was even more impressive than the one week play put on by the Prairie Fire Children's theater at the beginning of the summer. We have some very talented adult volunteers in this church!

Jonny did so well, as always, and you could just tell that these kids were all having a blast. Such a classic play, and they did it very well. We are already looking forward to the performance of Godspell in the fall.

We had a very late birthday party for Uncle Alan who turned 80 cool is that to turn 80 on 08/08/08! We had cake and ice cream at Grandma ?'s apartment...perhaps the last time we will be there before she moves down to the farm for good. :(

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