Friday, August 8, 2008

Day at the Fair

Today we took our turn at the County Fair. We brought Grandma Connelly with us, and all the kids (all seven of them) seemed to have a good time. Today was 2 Riders for the Price of One day at the fair....being so many of us, I have to take advantage of specials like this. We still seemed to spend way too much money on a bunch of little rides, but we got to eat mini donuts, cheese curds, and fresh lemonade without the ginormous crowd of the Minnesota State Fair....that's priceless.

As simple as it is, it always seems that the Merry-Go-Round is the favorite of all:
Jonny had ridden each ride at least once when he had been at the fair yesterday, so he took turns bringing Melissa and Crispy on some of the scarier rides. One tumbling ride looked like it was banging Melissa up pretty badly, and she had had it half way through. But all of them enjoyed the effects of inertia on Zero Gravity, and Crispy got his thrill on the Power Shot that straight drops you from about 4 stories high. This is one of my favorites too, but it is scarier than anything. I love the expressions on their faces as they are falling!
Melissa and Laura love the glass house with mirrors. They must have gone through it 5 times.
Tubby only tried a few rides, and was always ready to jump out halfway through....even when we were up in the air in the helicopter.
The duck pond was a safe activity...we remained on the ground at all times(and out of the water).
Of course, our visit to the fair would not have been complete without trying their hands at winning a goldfish. Melissa and Michael were the lucky winners today!

What am I going to do with all of these fish?!?

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