Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Birthday...

This one is mine. I have decided it is so much more fun to think about birthdays for the kids. I could go without birthdays for me. But so far this year, this pregnancy condition has had me much too tired to do anything special for my January birthday boys. I felt very guilty about having my own good and special day today.
My mom and dad came out his afternoon, bringing extremely good chicken curry from Big Bowl and wonderful egg rolls from the Lotus restaurant. Now that I can eat again, I am back to my old self, being all about good food. They stayed and played with the kids, and took turns holding a sick Tubby (he had not puked anymore, but since his episode last night, he has been running a very high fever and has been sad and lethargic). Pam also made appearances in and out between appointments in Waconia. So to the kids' delight on this stay-at-home day, they had a whole slew of grandparents to play with who actually gave them attention that their own mommy is always too tired to muster up.

For afternoon snack, we took out Crispy's birthday cake and finally let him blow out some candles. It was nice to have more people around today to help make him feel special. During the afternoon, we kept pumping poor Tubby up with Tylenol to try to get him to be a bit more cooler and comfortable. Poor, sad, kid.
At 6:30, the women and I went out to dinner at Lola's Lakehouse in Waconia. (I need to get the good pictures from Pam and my mom) I did not want to go far since the kids were home all alone as Daddy was working late and Michael had another hockey game (no rest in this sport!). Mary met us there with her little baby girl, and we had a very lovely and delicious meal next to the warm fire. It was such a nice, relaxing time, in such a calm and comfortable atmosphere. My lemon caper cream sauce pizza with artichokes, green onions, and chicken was very tasty, but I was so stuffed from the excellent appetizers, I could barely eat more than one slice. I look forward to it tomorrow for breakfast and lunch!

Upon arrival home, we found a "surprise party" erupting as we walked in the door. The kids (and the neighbor girl---she is pretty much considered part of the family)had spent the last two hours decorating the house with streamers, balloons, posters, cards, birthday banners, and showered us with confetti from the top floor as we walked in. Not only that, but they had baked me a birthday cookie (and a whole batch), complete with candle in the center, and sang me the Birthday Song. What nice kids! I was truly surprised, and felt very special! Thank you, kids!!After an hour of laying on the couch, and watching the kids entertain us with their version of "American Idol" (they were so funny at times that Laura kept falling on the floor laughing so hard), I was able to think of cake. My mom brought out the most wonderful cake in the world that she brings me each year....a Princess Marzipan raspberry cream layered cake from Woullet's bakery. There sincerely is no better cake than this, and I look forward to it every year. Thank you, so much, Mom! Bob and Michael came home just in time for cake, and the kids were up again until about 10pm. Boy, are we going to have a rough start tomorrow morning going back to school!


Lisa said...

HAPPY-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was thinking of you all day! I was trying to etch out some time for a phone call... sorry it didn't happen... the day just got away from me. What a crazy-busy life! Glad you had a special and fun day.
Love ya'

Alison said...

Happy belated birthday to you and your little Christopher. We keep meaning to get a package in the mail for him, but may just give up with our hopeless ability to get to a post office and end up sending yet another e-gift card. Poor kid. I hope he had a very happy birthday!