Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Forgotten Child

Poor Crispy. He is often referred to around here as the "Forgotten Child". He is such a good boy, always does as he is told, never complains, is rarely noisy, is a sweetheart at school, is eager to help, and is stuck between two high demand sisters whom he readily helps out whenever they need it. He has always been so sweet since the day he was born, and here he is years old already!!!
We spent Crispy's birthday with a rushed breakfast at the hotel before packing up (through Jonny's left over overnight puke mess in the bathroom), checking out, and racing to the final hockey game of the weekend. We sang Happy Birthday to him in the stands during re-icing after the second period, gave him a birthday slushie (and a Mr Misty throat), and a few presents to open from us and from Grandma and Grandpa C. He seemed very happy with his new DS games and a few new Pokemon characters to play with. We also had found him some cool new stylises for his lightsabers.
After a nutritious lunch of soft pretzels with cheese, and the mandatory bathroom call, we climbed into the truck for the three hour long ride home. Crispy got to play his new games the whole way, but spending your birthday in the back of a truck? Really not so very fun.
Once home, he found a welcomed surprise of balloons at his seat left by Grandma C over the weekend (Alex had stayed home to hold down the fort, take care of the dog, and keep the new fish alive....for him, a whole weekend without kids running around was fantastic!! Thank you to all the grandparents who came to visit him and take him out to lunch that weekend!!!). I quickly threw a cake into the oven, got Alex situated for youth group, and tried to convince Crispy to pick something else for his birthday dinner other than McDonald's. No luck.

Daddy picked up Crispy's dinner while the older kids and I had leftovers that Alex did not eat over the weekend because he was out enjoying great food with all his grandparents. The younger kids happily ate their meals, until Tubby puked all over the kitchen floor. Now, we were all terrified that another GI illness was landing upon us....none of us were ready to handle that....we had barely recovered from the last one! Being afraid, we left the apple filled spice cake for another time, and poor Crispy didn't even blow out a candle on his birthday. We did let him open up the rest of his presents, and he was able to play with them for a short while before it was time for bed.

Happy Birthday, Crispy! We'll try to make this one up to you some day!


tubbinit24 said...

We have had 3 bouts of GI viruses this season!

Happy Birthday Christopher. It is so hard to believe you and Lizzie are that old already!

tubbinit24 said...

Make that 4 bouts of the GI virus. I guess we are just unlucky this year : (

Zajac Family said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! Sickness like that is the pits! Get better soon!!!:(