Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Boy

Fourteen years ago, our second son made his appearance into this world. He was quiet and silly, inquisitive and calm, slept most of his days away, and spit up so much that I usually had to change his clothes 5 or 6 times a day when he was a baby.

Thankfully, he can change his own clothes now.....and he doesn't spit up anymore. He remains silly at times, and likes to learn new things. But he is certainly no longer quiet or calm. Michael can talk any of you under a rug. And with all his hockey and rough play next door, he is probably more active than all of the other kids put together. No wonder he is still skinny as a rail!

Poor Michael had to endure a rather ho-hum birthday as his lame mother was still horribly sick with a headache(a remnant from that nasty GI bug) for the third day in a row. We did nothing and went nowhere. He had frozen pizza for lunch (at least it was Green Mill), and had no one fun to interact with all day except for his baby brother. He did receive some very nice phone calls from both Grandmas, his Godfather, and several nice Facebook birthday wishes. After normal school hours, his best friend Eric, came over to provide Michael with some decent entertainment. They played new video games and kept busy with whatever else 14 year old boys do.
Though I could still only handle eating bagel dip and Dr. Pepper, I made Michael his favorite meal for dinner.... grilled cheese and tomato soup. I think that this has been his favorite since the beginning of time! When Daddy finally got home after 8:30 pm, Michael was finally allowed to open his presents and we had Oreo Ice Cream DQ cake. Michael was thrilled to receive an iPod Touch, much to Alex's dismay. Michael spent the next two hours downloading games onto his new apparatus, and showing us all the cool things it could do. It does look like fun.

Happy Birthday, Michael...you are very special today!!!

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