Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Hockey Dude

Tubby is just amazing with how much he loves hockey. He seems to love everything about it...and is surprisingly good at it. I can not remember another child being so gung-ho about something at such an early age.

A few days ago, he pulled out his hockey shirt and ice skates he got at Christmas, and insisted on wearing them both. He strutted around the carpet happily, trying to balance his wobbly ankles, and so proud to look so much like a real hockey player. Laura walked behind him as a helper, and made it through the session without losing any naked toes.
We try to remember to bring a hockey stick anywhere we go, because that is what keeps Tubby's attention the most. Seriously, this boy could hit things around with his sticks all day long without ever getting the slightest bit bored. Hockey games are the best for him, as the excitement is up in the air, and everything about the ice arena screams "hockey!" When he finally gets out on the ice in his new skates, he is going to think he is in Heaven!
Click on the PLAY button below to see Tubby in action!!!

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