Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eating Again

After 3 long months of pretty much hating food, followed by a week of GI recovery from that nasty virus, I am happy to report that I can eat again!!! What a treat!! For someone who loves good food as much as I do, the nauseating part of pregnancy is certainly the toughest. I am so thankful to finally be on the other side of that part of the journey.

Most of this week has been wrought in recovery and horrible headache as lasting reminders of our illness. Things and events went on as usual, but I honestly do not remember any of them. What I do know is that we have no groceries to speak of, and my kids have been forced to fend for themselves for most meals this week.

As of yesterday, things turned around. Laura, Tubby, and I were able to finally take Michael out for his birthday lunch....he chose Applebee's. We had wonderful salads, french onion soup, and even a mini dessert. Though not my first choice, that food tasted so GOOD after so long! Michael was powered up for his game later in the evening, and I was so very tickled to have eaten WELL with no ill effects for the first time in a very long time. We celebrated our little victory and return to normalcy by heading to the pet store to buy some more fish (NOT goldfish) and a new heater to begin our tank over again.

This Saturday morning, I was treated to a lovely brunch for our MOPS leadership team. Everything prepared by our coordinators was heavenly, and tasted gourmet. From the simple yogurt and berries parfaits, to the most delicious spinach and egg quiches, peach caramel egg bake, all followed by a very light cream cheese was melt in your mouth luxury! And a few hours spent actually sitting on a chair, eating our food at a normal human pace without kids demanding something every 45 was bliss!

After my leisurely morning, I had to kick things into high gear as we headed into the cities for a little princess birthday party. We made a very quick visit at Papa Don's house, which is always a highlight for the kids. He has such a special way with the kids, but our time with him is always way too short. He exchanged Christmas gifts with Laura, and she has been wrapped all day in the special Tinkerbell blanket he made for her. We spent a few hours at the princess party where the girls got to have their hair fixed and dress up like the little princesses that they are. Meanwhile, the boys did their best to hide and stay as far away from all those frilly little dresses running around with high pitched squeals. Laura is so shy in big groups, so she was happy to spend some quality time with her friend Zoe, after the bulk of the party went home.
For dinner, I forced my parents to come out to eat with us at the India Palace. Spicy Indian favorite!! While not much appeals to kids on the menu, the naan bread and other Indian appetizers were just right for them. Paired with mango yogurt lassis (like a smoothie/shake), the kids were filled up before the main courses arrived. They continued to behave themselves well at the table, allowing us adults to enjoy our meals. It was so very good! Certainly, one of the things I still miss most about living way out of the cities is a lack of good food and ethnic variety. I am very bored of pizza and Chinese. I may just have to beg my mom to bring more of this wonderful stuff out to my house next week for my birthday!

It was great to get out today and fill the day with fun things to do instead of simply crossing the things off of our list that we "had" to do....and that most of those events included incredibly yummy food. Thanks for going out to dinner with us, Grandma and Grandpa....we'll see you tomorrow at Michael's game!

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