Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Away

When it is already -27 degrees, why not go somewhere for the weekend where it is another 15 degrees colder? Makes perfect sense to me.We headed up to Breezy Point Resort for Michael's hockey tournament this weekend. Being slotted in a district that is way out of our league, it is so nice to get away into tournaments where our boys actually have a chance of winning a game or two. This weekend, they did great.....they made it to fourth place out of 14 teams! A very nice placement for our team. Michael played some really great hockey this weekend.....he was focused and tough....and even scored two beautiful goals! It was very fun to be a part of four exciting games of hockey.

The girls (including the neighbor girl) thought otherwise. Being dragged from one game to another was not their idea of a fun vacation. In their defense, they did try their best to stay positive during all the games, by cheering, playing hockey with Tubby, and making plans about what we would do next back at the resort. But gee, those arenas were cold, and more than an hour of hockey per game was quite a lot to sit through when that is the bulk of your "vacation" time. I (sometimes "we") filled their non-hockey times with a trip to the pool, a trip to the arcade,
a trip to the gift shop, baths in the whirlpool tub, rides on the shuttle bus, and a few dinners at the resort restaurants.
Our suite was roomy and fun, as we had brought dolls, snacks, pop, the Wii and XBox with us. No one even asked to play the laptops that sat in the bag all weekend. The Resort was very nice, with the biggest and best breakfasts we had ever had at a hotel, and lots of things to do. If it had not been so cold, we could have also done some ice skating, sledding, cross country skiing, or even snow golf, right at the resort. It would probably be a really nice place to spend a summer week away, with the enormous lake and so many things to do. A very nice place, indeed.

It was a nice retreat from the boring old routines at home. Though cold, the snow was lightly falling nearly continuously, setting the perfect backdrop for gorgeous winter scenes against the frozen lake. Hmmmm, I never even took a picture of the beautiful scenery. Where was my head? I guess I will have to try to conjure up the scenes in my memory whenever I want a little winter mini-vacation in my brain.

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