Friday, July 31, 2009


We have had our new batch of fish since January of this year. We have one male and 6 females, and have had a few batches of baby fish. Trouble is with the baby fish, they are usually eaten about 30 minutes after they are even big enough for us to notice in the tank. Why do the big fish eat the babies? It just doesn't seem right.Bob's keen eye was able to spot a few this evening. With the help of Crispy and Jonny to keep their eyes on the little guys, he was able to catch two babies and place them safely in a container separate from the mean ol' adult fish variety.Honestly, if you look REALLY closely, there ARE two itty bitty fish in the bowl(at about the 12 and 3 o'clock positions, on the edges)! It is fun to see such tiny versions of the bigger ones swimming in their enormous container which is only cereal bowl sized to us. I hope they live and will grow up to be big enough to put back into the tank someday soon.

Speaking of babies, we enjoyed another visit with the Smiths, just hanging out and playing in the yard. Mary spent the whole time making wonderful things for us to eat, and sending us home with quite a few goodies too. While she was cooking away, the kids were all spending quality time with each other on the trampoline, slides, bikes, and with hide and seek in the giant house. Our littlest babies were getting to know each other as well:

If we play our cards right, these MAY just be the last babies for both of us, leaving us with a total of 15 kids. These girls are about 8 months apart in age, and would be heading off to kindergarten in the same year. Hmmmm.....interesting to think about, but we shall see what GOD has planned for both of our futures! (I am pretty sure that I just heard all of our extended family members and all of Mary's extended family members let out one very large collective groan.......)

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Alison said...

I'm going to hazard a guess as to why the adult fish eat the babies. I think it's because they think the tank is too small for further population growth. They know they can't just go out and buy a new house, so they control the size of their family. It saves the whole population from extinction. That's just the ecological/biological perspective anyway.