Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is Tubby. This is his bowl of "breakfast", otherwise known as macaroni and cheese to the rest of us. To be even more specific, it is Easy Mac. On the good food scale, it is probably down pretty low....all those artificial colors, additional flavors, made in the microwave, etc.
He has been asking for this every morning for the past 8 days---"DEh-DEh-DEee!" Aren't you so impressed with his choice of breakfast? And with his speaking skills???
Being motivated by my little guy and his recent food fetish, I opted to make some homemade baked macaroni and cheese while my mom was here to hold the baby. That gave me the chance to cook it right and make it the way it was meant to be prepared....slowly, from scratch, with multiple steps, and made with painstaking love and care, in all it's cheesy goodness. An hour and a half later (my mom and I filled that time gap with a lovely quick walk on this quite chilly July day), the masterpiece was ready to be consumed by my children and a neighbor friend and I. It was delicious! To die for! Even the pickiest of my eaters thought it was fantastic! But little Tubby? He took one taste and decided it was not fit to his little Mac N Cheese Connoisseur was not impressed. Go figure....
This is Bethany. This is the closest thing I have seen to a smile so far. Don't you just love those adorable little cross-eyed baby-blues? She has been so sad with her reflux lately until starting Zantac exactly one week ago. She is now a much happier little gal, yet has chosen to cry A LOT again these past 3 days. She has been so close to smiling so many times. And each time she has been nearly there with us holding our breath, something has gotten in her way, causing her to start over again. Argh! I hope her tummy aches stop soon so that she can complete this baby milestone and spread her little half smiles to one full adorable little grin. Until then, I will have to assume she is happiest when this:
......because that is the only time she is consistently NOT crying.
This is Laura. I find this picture hilarious because it looks so anti-Laura to me. She looks like she is bowing to her gymnastics teacher. And anyone who knows Laura knows she is greatly too stubborn to EVER do something like that. She is QUEEN at our house (or at least that is what SHE thinks), and she would be perfectly content if WE all bowed like this to HER. Oh Laura, Laura, Laura....little miracle child that she is....when she isn't frustrating the stuffing out of me, she can really make me laugh!!!


Alison said...

Oh dear, your baby is not the only baby who has been crying all day. You can think of us when they crying starts at your house - it's happening here too. I tire of it. The boys tire of it. Why is my last baby the most needy baby?
You can come over to visit us any time - there's nothing on my calendar AT ALL!

Tracey said...

My last baby is the neediest too. It is getting better, I think?