Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top 10 Saturday Surprises

10. Jonny's baseball team played 3 games today in the tournament (2 hours each) when we were only expecting one....they will be playing in semi-finals tomorrow!
9. Melissa went to a birthday party today where they played mini-golf.....and she liked it.
8. I finally got a turn driving the new truck, as Bob and Alex had done all the driving yesterday...I had the sunroof open, and it was great!
7. Crispy went to a birthday party at a new friend's house who we discovered just lives across the park from us.
6. Crispy did not play with the neighbor boys today (that is HUGE).
5. We had Famous Dave's for dinner at Bill and Sharon's house....can we all shout, "YUMMY!!!"
4. My baby was sweet as pie today...praise God for this little medical miracle drug for her.

3. My big boys were hanging out....TOGETHER.

2. We got to chat with cousin Dan who we have not seen in forever, learned he has enlisted in the US Marines, and he hung out to play poker with the guys!

1. Hold on to your hats for this one.....Laura touched a REAL LIVE DOG!!! AND LIVED!!!

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