Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Splash Pad!

We have been doing swimming lessons. A lot. We are in our fourth---and final---week of lessons. The kids love it.

Bethany loves is the only place where she is happy and is not screaming.
But we rarely ever go to the pool "to swim". You know?

I took the kids two weeks ago to Safari Island to play at the indoor park followed by swimming in the pool and playing on the water slide. I had 8 children with me, and we managed a record of 2-1/2 hours at the Community Center. More than half of that was in the pool. They loved it! But Tubby thought he was the next Michael Phelps. Problem is, he doesn't know how to hold his breath under water yet. Kind of a BIG problem. And it stresses me out. Just a bit. Especially when I am also limited by the baby I am slinging on my front.

So today, I was THRILLED to go meet a friend at the Chaska splash pad. It was fabulous! The indoor pool was fun....beautifully painted walls, a fun caterpillar slide for the little kids, a gigantic water slide for the big kids, a river, a raining mushroom, and dumping buckets were just a few of the fun things they enjoyed indoors.

When evening swimming lessons began, my friend left, and we were shooed out of the pool, where we discovered even more fun in the outdoor splash pad! We were all surprised with how much was found to occupy my 6 kids plus a friend, all of various ages.
The water was never more than 10 inches deep.

There were plenty of water guns and other water manipulatuves for the older kids to experiment with and figure out.
There was a really mini slide that Tubby could even manage on his own.

The evening was perfect, with lots of sun to warm up the cooler air temps...back at home, storm clouds were lurking over our neighborhood!

There were plenty of chairs for lounging and relaxing.
The kids played outside for 90 minutes!!!! We would have stayed longer, but it was getting late by that point(after another 2-1/2hours) and we all were pretty much starving. Afterall, we had had A LOT of active fun at the pools!

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