Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Deductive Reasoning

As I sit here typing away, I am finding it partially funny that my baby has been crying constantly again over the past two days, ever since I published about how well she has been doing. To be fair, there ARE some big changes, it is no longer psychotic-sounding crying, so I AM certain that the Zantac is working. There is just something new going on with her, and I am suspicious that the new thing is BEACAUSE of the Zantac. While at the same time, this new thing that is bothering her is a GOOD thing, because it verifies that the Zantac IS INDEED working.

She's having tummy aches more frequently now because she has a bigger volume of poop. She has a bigger volume of poop because she is maintainig a bigger volume of milk when she eats. She is maintaining a bigger volume of milk because she is spitting up less. She is spitting up less because the Zantac is working. Therefore, she is having tummy aches because of the Zantac....and that's a GOOD thing! Yay, Zantac!

The older girls are having a turning point of their own. They are tired. They are tired because their muscles are sore. Their muscles are sore because they have been worked very hard. They have been worked very hard because the girls have been trying their best in an activity that is difficult for them to manage. They are trying their best because they REALLY enjoy this difficult activity, known as gymnastics. Therefore, gymnastics is making the girls tired. And THAT is a good thing too! Yay, gymnastics!

Being the last day of this short gymnastics *trial* session, I was allowed into the gym to watch my girls and see all they have been working on. I was so impressed and proud as I watched them fearlessly attempt every action asked of them. And for my girls, that meant medium to great difficuly in every task. Yet both of them continued on, gave it their best shot, and ended each task with heads held high and smiles spread wide. From floor exercises to balancing those steps on the beam, jumps of all sorts and manipulating the high bars.....wahoo! So proud of my two princesses who I dared to doubt at the session's beginning. No matter that they were not the best in class, or even remotely close.....they were giving it their all and relishing in their OWN accomplishments. And for that bolster in self-esteem, I am thoroughly grateful. So good was this experiment in mainstreamed physical therapy that both girls are jumping up and down to do this for another 4 weeks!
For the rest of this week, I've got some work to do.....I will be signing my older girls up for more activity. And the little one? Well, I picked a REALLY bad week to switch over to the cloth/hybrid little gDiapers....I will be doing laundry EVERY day, to be sure!

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