Thursday, July 23, 2009

Therapy Thursday

9 am: Last day of swimming lessons! Hooray! They have all come so far in just a few short weeks. Laura can now put her face in the water and dunk her head while doing bobs. Melissa can do a beautiful back float, and has nice form while doing scooping strokes using a floatation device. And Crispy? Well, he needs to gain some wight before testing next time so that he doesn't keep sinking to the bottom of the pool like a rock. Skinny boy.
11 am: Melissa has riding lessons that I get to attend for the first time in 3 months! My mom has been taking her since just before Bethany was born, and has continued to do so every Thursday since. It was nice to see for myself how Melissa is improving and how she is handling yet another new horse. I was pleasantly delighted to find that she is on a new, but even MORE challenging horse than she had previously been on. This one requires stronger action from Melissa in order to obey, yet at the same time, Joker (the horse), is smart enough to only follow Melissa's instruction, and not that of the lead walker. So Melissa has no option than to work hard. I love it! This horse also has a bumpier ride, so it is working her balance like she has not been worked before. After swimming and riding, my poor girl was wiped out, and fell asleep on the way home. I love those kind of therapy sessions....I know for certain that she was worked hard.

1 pm: The girls are busy painting pictures again at the table. After a busy morning focusing on large muscle skills, it was nice to take a break with some fine motor work.
Ha, ha....if you ask the girls about their day, they will just explain to you all the fun they had today....they have NO IDEA all the WORK involved!

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