Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adventures At Home

Hi everyone, again! This is Jonny, and it's the 24th so I get to write!
Alrighty, so, I've been home schooled for about... 3 weeks. And its been great! Everyday I'm able to play with Laura or Thomas or even Bethany! I've also been able to eat breakfast at, get this, nine o' clock! That's another great thing. I get to sleep in for however long I want. And then I do some Math, and then Vocabulary lessons, and then usually get done in 40-45 minutes! Then I can do whatever I want until ten-to-eleven, and then I go to my band/choir. Band has been going fantastic. Ms. Kidder is constantly pointing me and my friend out as, "the leaders of the band" and she's always saying, "great breath control" or "amazing note playing". And also, just yesterday, on the 23rd, I had a Jazz Band audition. That unfortunately didn't work out too well. I couldn't stop squeaking my instrument, and I kind of lost control over my sound.

So keeping that in mind, I decided to redo my audition today, and it went PERFECT! She even quoted, "That's the Jonny I've been looking for,". And so of course, I've still had choir every other day. Singing's going good with it, and our concert is... soon... I think. We've got five songs to sing too. Choir is probably the only class that is in order at that school.

So then after my music classes, I stay for Lunch so I can talk with my friends. And I just want to say, I've got the best friends in the world. They're almost the entire reason I still go to that school everyday. And they've been implying over the years, that I'm the leader of our friend group. School lunches are good most of the time, but... no offence to anyone... don't eat the fish sandwiches. It's raw. And is gross. In my opinion. And everybody elses.

The one thing I've really had troubles with with my friends is because of the well known crazy person at our school, "Josh". I think he's still angry with me that I'm not his friend anymore, because he's CONSTANTLY trying to ruin all of my friendships. Whether it's telling them I'm self-centered, or not nice, or too smart, or "he's secretly talking behind your back", luckily my friends are smart enough not to pay any attention, and not to care. And that's one of the best qualities of them.

So after a good lunch, I come home and do some spelling. It's really a good program because, the words are HARD. And then after that, I do (depending on what day it is) Spanish, or science. Those programs are both good too, because each one is unique and interactive in its own way.

Well, that's basically my school life. And besides the fact that I get to make really cool inventions:

made out of common house-hold items, homeschooling rocks. And of course I can't forget the story I'm working on for English class! That's going great too. A story about an owl, that has 5,500 words already! And it's also nice to be able to come home on occasions with smoothies...

Anyway, that's my school day for you, and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

-Jonathan Zajac


Alison said...

Wow, thanks for the insight into what homeschooling is like. I've always wondered about it. Keep up all the good work!

grandma c. said...

Spelling lesson--always remember that granma is spelled GRANDMA or grandmother; same with GRANDPA or grandfather--never forget the D! Glad the homeschool working out for you. you're a good writer among your other talents.