Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Few of Her Favorite Things

Bethany is 6 months old today. 6 MONTHS OLD. Crazy how fast time flies by. It seems impossible that only a few short months ago, my big, squishy, mobile, noisy, independently stubborn little girl, was a teeny, tiny, not-even-5-pound little peanut, who could barely keep her eyes open for more than a few minutes. "Like a loaf of bread"....she used to remind me little, light, and soft. These days, her 15 pound little being is more often referred to as "Jabba" in, "the Hut".
Some things are still the same. For instance, Bethany's right tear duct is still clogged, just as Tubby's had been. When she gets a cold, as she has again now, her eye gets so goopy and gross, and she is often unable to open it on her own.
Grossed out eyeball

Bethany is also still a fairly cranky little girl. Daddy thinks it is because she is held too much. I disagree....because she doesn't get any less cranky when held. It takes a bit of work to keep her happy. Tubby was held all the time...was spoiled to the max....but was never a cranky baby. This girl is CRANKY.
Bethany enjoying a typical of many throughout her days
Bethany is STRONG. This has been a noticeable trait since the beginning. Even as a wee one, only days old, in the covered isolette, Bethany would push with her strong little legs, and move herself upwards on the mattress by 6-8 inches every 20 minutes. She continues to be constantly on the move, rolling every which way, and creeping forward on her belly to purposely get to where she wants to go. She's got motivation, direction, and independence....all before she even hit her 6 month birthday.

Rolling, creeping, early "crawling", make for one busy little girl.Having a chat with interactive Elmo....
Bethany and her favorite doll can often be found having wrestling matches on a soft blanket.
When not in exercising mode, she enjoys sitting in the Bumbo. This is something none of our other kids all. She LOVES it. Sitting up, especially in the middle of the table, being close to and a part of all the action going around. She wants nothing of this baby-time thing...she wants to be a big girl already.

She also has just been introduced to the exersaucer. Though startled at first by all the loud noises it produces with different rattles and push-buttons, she is now growing accustomed to them as she is learning that she is the one in control of the sounds. This is quickly becoming one of her favorite places to be as not only does she get to strengthen her legs even more, but she gets to do "smart things" with her brain as well.
So smart is she

And her pacifier.....
.......we would not be able to get through even an hour without it. No kidding. I have had to make emergency stops at Target just to buy one if forgotten. This is the most serious piece of baby equipment we have for Bethany.

When out and about, Bethany will be fairly content if shopping in a continuously moving stroller or cart. Same is true of car rides. Moving car=good natured baby. Stopped car=very bad things coming from that leopard and rose covered car seat.

She seems to enjoy the cool air of a hockey arena, which is a good thing, as she is there A LOT these days. She is still pleased as punch to snuggle in the sling....I'd say it is still her favorite place to be. And because the sling is the one place she is consistently happy, and where she is close to my heart (both literally and figuratively), it is my favorite place for her to be as well.
Happy 6 month birthday, Bethany!

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