Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The House of Sick

We have had such illness go through this house since probable H1N1 in mid-September. The sicknesses just don't seem to stop coming, and the cold viruses have been particularly hearty. Currently, we have 6 people sick in our house, including me. Most of us are fairly miserable. Melissa was sent home from school yesterday after puking in the hall with a bad headache. The rest of us have a nasty cold, and I am even lucky enough to have Bethany's eye disease along with it.....my eyes are bugging me so much, it is driving me mad.

This was the message Daddy left us this morning on the white board when he left for work:

Pretty much covers all the bases over here!
Oh well, it most certainly made us laugh in our misery!!!
Anyone want to come over and play????????

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