Thursday, November 5, 2009

Um....well.....OK, then!

A few weeks back, a kid in the middle school was expelled for threatening another with a knife. Wonderful. Once again, our "grand" tween conglomerate is the base for stellar and ethical behavior from which all other kids in our area may model themselves upon and achieve great success in life. Or NOT.

I really do not understand why we even try this place. Jonny had a good year last year as a newbie at the school. But, I think the only reason it was successful was due to the fact that his class was the extra...the ninth class of 5th graders....making them the odd class out, and leaving themselves out of the rotating loop. One extra year of sheltering their innocent young minds was a good thing. Then comes this year. Being thrown to the wolves. Actually, I think they are more like hyenas over there. Yep, I can envision that scene from Lion King where the brave little lion cub is mercilessly teased and taunted and laughed at by the horrible, ethically barren beasts. THAT, is our middle school.

Jonny has tried. He has recently been begging to come home. The older boys hated the atmosphere at the middle school and all of the negativity and bullying that goes on there, thus leading Michael to come home. Though Michael had not been personally a target, he was sick of watching others get their self esteem beaten down to the ground. Unfortunately for Jonny, he is one of those victims this year. But he has also been conflicted about missing the time with his friends and all the academic success that he enjoys being a top student at the school. He has wavered. Home? School. Home. School? Until finally today, it has been officially decided to:


On a Wednesday evening, in the middle of the week, a few weeks before the end of even the first trimester, enough is enough, and Jonny is out of that mess and home. Where he belongs.

(He will continue with band and choir at the middle school on a daily basis, as he remains completely interested in the area of music and performing arts.)

Welcome home, Jonny! I hope you like it here!


Alison said...

I'm so sorry sweet Jonny had such an awful time at that awful place. I'm glad he can be home now until the rest of those other kids can grow up a bit. I may be needing your advice about this in a few years - I have NO idea how horrible our middle school is.

grandma c. said...

Bummer! makes me wonder if that other elementary school is a problem since Bayview early years seem so good. They must be having hard time combining those two into the middle years. Hope Clearwater wakes up & realizes the wonderful potential they are losing as well as the opportunity to build character into the problem students.

Pam said...

I feel so bad that Jonny had to go through that! Now I know that no child can make it in that school if he can't with his friendly, easy going personality. He'll always shine wherever he is!