Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving was great this year. We were not planning on anything special.....just a day at home relaxing as Bob worked on Christmas shows and song programming. But at the last minute, we both felt that that just wasn't right, and we invited his family over for a Thanksgiving dinner. A whole meal. At our house. We were so THANKFUL to have a house in which to open to others and share in celebration.

The house was in relatively clean shape from the Dedication party on the first of this month(well, as good as it gets with 8 kids, one of whom is an extremely fussy and demanding baby). I was THANKFUL for the relative orderliness of things. The food was already purchased (it takes less food to prepare for visitors than it takes to feed my whole family). I am so THANKFUL that we had the monetary funds for a special meal. Though I was still recovering from a nasty virus that has been trying to run me into the ground for over one week now, the rest of the kids were miraculously healthy. So THANKFUL for the health of all of us, are we. Bob had completed the Glencoe light show, and was working on programming for our house. He was THANKFUL that this project was nearing an end for this year. Things were under control, and preparations went as planned. It was an incredibly wonderful, and beautiful, stress-free holiday get-together. I don't know if I can ever say that something like that ever went, or ever will go again so well!

We started our Thanksgiving day as we do every year, with the kids working on their "Thank you Lord, for....." pictures to adorn our kitchen wall. This year, Psalm 100 was represented throughout their art.

I had lots of helpers this year. For that, I was THANKFUL. Laura helped me the day before to make 3 pumpkin pies. On Thursday morning, she eagerly helped to prepare the giant 17 pound bird for roasting. I think that this is only the 3rd time I have ever cooked a turkey. I am pleased to say that it came out perfectly! And THANKFULly, Lyle was kind enough to carve it for our dinner.

Jonathan helped to mash 10 pounds of potatoes. We love our mashed potatoes around here!

After Laura and I expanded our table to gigantic proportions, Jonathan helped to set it in restaurant-like style. We are so THANKFUL to have this space. The fall leaves were a nice touch!

Grandma ? and Lyle brought cranberry-gelatin salad, buns, sweet potatoes, and corn souffle(my favorite!). Grandma also prepared the green bean casserole, as Bethany was just a wee bit too out of control for anyone else to hold, or for me to accomplish much with her besides the other multiple food projects I already had running. Barb, Alan, and Andrew, came bearing a banana cream pie as well. We are so THANKFUL for all these people in our lives.

We had food. So much food. We were all so THANKFUL for the food.

Michael had been preparing for 3 days prior in order to get the maximum satisfaction of "stuffing his face" today.

Tubby wasn't feeling so well, and spent a good deal of time pouting in the corner. He ended up falling asleep shortly after this, and missed the rest of our evening.

But everyone else seemed so happy.

Oh....Bethany slept through the meal. I was THANKFUL for that.

After our meal, we all caravanned, along with the neighbors and their guests, out to Glencoe to have a private viewing of Bob's Christmas Light display. It was fantastic. The colorful arches provide such unlimited potential of effects along the grassy outline of display space.

Then it was back to our house for a short preview of the show in our yard. Alvin and the Chipmunks entertained us in song as we were dazzled by the display of twinkling lights from our viewpoint in the cul-de-sac. Now that Glencoe is finished, Bob will be able to begin programming efforts on our yard. We are THANKFUL for Bob's creative vision.
Then, back inside, with a bit of new space in our tummies, for pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream. Yumm.....we were all THANKFUL for dessert...even Bethany had a taste!

Oh! And in dinner/dessert theater fashion, Crispy and Melissa treated us to a special Thanksgiving play.
Finally, some cribbage.......

And mostly, we are so very THANKFUL for all of God's gifts to us, big and small, each and every day.

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