Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's the Little Everyday Things

Little Laura is sweet. She is loving Kindergarten this year, and is always so excited to go to school everyday. She talks about this friend and that friend, and all of her play date plans (though these are all just her own concoctions). She comes home every afternoon eagerly showing me that day's project or worksheet she completed. She's loving it.

When the kids get off the bus at their designated stop on the way home, Laura never fails in completing one special task.....she diligently and consistently finds a pretty little flower(dandelion or flowering weed) and/or a leaf bursting with gorgeous fall color. Each and every day, since her first day of school, my little girl brings these things home to me. Without fail. Without missing a single day. "Here, Mommy!" she says as she holds her tiny precious gifts out in front of her.
Man, I've got the best job in the world with benefits you just can't beat anywhere else. I feel very special!


Pam said...

Good - because you are very special!!

grandma c. said...

Laura, glad you are liking Kindergarten. It's really nice of you to bring your mommy flowers,etc. She works really hard taking care of 8 & she deserves the special treats! You are special too!