Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vehicular Autocide

My husband has a way with cars....a very bad way with cars. He has run 4 cars to their death. He will be quick to point out that one of them was NOT his fault.....though that deer WAS already dead, and perhaps he could have driven around it, had it not been so hideously dark one early winter morn. Seriously, I think my husband may be one of those people that has an electical misconduction kind of know, that kind that can't wear a watch because the watches always stop working once placed on their wrist? Bob's that way with cars. He's a car killer.

Alas, another car has bitten the dust at the hands of my husband. On the way to an out of town hockey game last evening, something snapped in our handsome black truck (which incidently had just been tuned up completely to good as new condition exactly one year ago), emitting an array of metal shavings and other garbage into the engine. It tried to make it to it's destination at the arena, but about one mile away, could make it no further. Poor thing had to be pushed off to the side of the road with the help of a few extra nice hockey coaches. We had to pay for about 25 miles of towing. Now deemed dangerous and virtually "unusable" it will be forced to report into the vehicle graveyard tomorrow.

Ugh. Merry early Christmas to us.


grandma c. said...

Such a surprise since I rode with you a week ago & no hint of a problem. Is that elec. malfunction thing another Polish genetic thing? Alas Bob, if you were Irish you could ride your bike to work!
Good luck with the Saturn!

Alison said...

Bummer. I hate it when cars die. Sorry!